The Truth Behind Riding Elephants

For many travelers, riding elephants in Bali is one of their dreams to become true. However, many people raise awareness for an elephant riding. Many tourism industries also ban this activity. In Bali, there are places that provide elephant riding and they are still fine until now. According to history, the role of the elephant is important. Moreover, this animal also associated with Buddhism and royalty. If you visit Thailand, you will know how the country associated with those giant’s creature. Sadly, the elephant’s situation outside Indonesia is worrisome. If you want to ride an elephant, you need to know how to ride it ethically.

Riding Elephants In Bali Ethically

For your information, elephants have not tamed animals. In fact, they will never be as tame as a dog. Elephants are hard to control since they still have their wild behavior. Many mahouts (elephant’s keeper) tame them by using sharp metals. They use them to stab elephant’s thick skin so they need to use metal which is sharp enough. The mahouts will always stab them with sharp metal until the elephants follow the mahout’s order. They are afraid of their mahout evil deed if they don’t follow the order. Luckily, riding elephants in Bali is not like that. Balinese are very humble and wise person. They never let their ego win. Instead of hurting the elephant, they pour love from them by giving enough food, water, and shelter.

Outside Indonesia, many mahouts place a metal chair for people to sit. Balinese know that riding an elephant in Bali without chairs is not convenient. They also know that metal chair is heavy and it can hurt the elephant’s skin. This is the reality that you should know.  Instead of using a metal chair, riding elephants in Bali will use teak wood as a chair. It’s a win-win solution for both elephant and human. No one will hurt by this activity.