Traditional Bed Bugs Prevention

Bed bugs become a significant problem in all countries of the world. They are easy to spread and difficult to control because of the rapid growth in tremendous number can lead to a plague of the insects. The key to defeating this problem is to raise the awareness about what to do and ensure quick handling once they are found in your place. Therefore, many ways can be done to handle it either in a modern or traditional way. However, right now we will explain how to handle this matter in a traditional way, which will be safer than the other way.

What Are Traditional Things To Expel Bed Bugs?

Here, we can use some natural matters to prevent and expel bed bugs if they invade your place. For the first is that you can use soursop leaf. This way is very powerful. The ways are that to put the leaf in place of nesting hordes like a mattress, sofa, etc. Then, with durian skin that is almost the same way with soursop leaf by placing it in the area where they nest because the strong smell kills them. The other traditional way is that using onion juice, which you blend the combination of onion and garlic and take the water to dab on the nest. Then, the other is to use one of the kitchen condiments, salt. Simply, mix the salt with water to spray on the nest.

Actually, there are also some other traditional ways besides the ways above just like using tea oil and lavender oil which produce strong smell as well. You may try to use those traditional things as the prevention to against the bugs.  It is easy to find the things at your home, isn’t it? Then get the things right now before the bugs spread a lot. That is how to get rid of bed bugs in a traditional and natural way.