last day on earth mod

Team Up With Your Friends And Survive The Wild In Last Day On Earth Mod Apk

last day on earth modCalling for all those game enthusiasts! Do you want to experience the chaotic world where the zombies appear from every corner of the world? Last day on earth mod Apk will allow you to kill them in your heartbeat! Invite your friends to get down on the show and survive together. There’s still a pace for friendship, affection, and love, so go get it and make the world safety and peace again. Check below to find out more about this cool game you can download on your android smartphone.

Last Day On Earth Mod Apk Needs You To Kill The Zombies

Fast forward to the future, you are now in 2027 where the world population is triggered by the zombie infections which start to turn people into the walking dead. Gather the resources and build your own home out of woods and other resources. Don’t worry it is not that hard, the auto mode where your player will be collecting all the materials automatically and will help you to gather the resources. Open the builder option and build up your home with available options. Your home will become your protector and guard to avoid you from the zombie attacks. Other living creature will do everything just like you to survive, be aware of them because they will come and steal all your resources. You can build the radio tower and it allows you to chat with the other online real players. Make an amazing team with your gang by joining the clan and survive together in the last day on earth mod Apk.

The boost is available such as one-day boosters and the longest boosters that will last for about 14 days. These boosters give you 200% XP while killing the zombies. Purchase them with the gold coins which are the unlimited money in last day on earth mod Apk.