Take This Note When Looking for Coworking Space

Coworking space is one of the best solutions to get the new and different vibe of the workplace. Nowadays, you will find a lot of people try to get their work done every day at the coworking space. Moreover, there is also so many coworking spaces that can be found. If you want to get coworking space in Jakarta, so you can try to find them through recommendation or internet. Make sure that you get what you need. Although the coworking space seems so modern, you still need to know the true vibe of working at the coworking space. Then, you have also get your keen eyes to choose the best one.

“Questions” While Looking for Coworking Space

Find the best coworking space in Jakarta is not too easy. However, as long as you get on what you need so there will be no problem. While looking for the best coworking space, you need to ask some questions to for yourself. Then, you will find the answers. Those answers will count as your result on that coworking space. So, here are some questions if you are looking for the coworking space:

  1. What are the facilities available?
  2. How is the lighting and noise level?
  3. How is the culture and vibe of working there?
  4. Who are the members of that place?
  5. How much does that place cost?

From these five questions, you will find whether the coworking space that you find is good or not. Moreover, you also need to take a survey to check the locations directly. Although you find the best recommendation coworking space in Jakarta, still you need to check it by yourself. Make sure that everything on that places can fulfill your need. Moreover, you have also considered your future plan to use that coworking space.