Summertime Pantry Challenge

Summertime Pantry Challenge


I am joining Good Cheap Eats on a fun adventure to challenge myself to accomplish some much-needed goals around the kitchen for the summertime. The main goal is to try and come up with meal plans and ideas to use what I have on hand. It is also to bring in seasonal veggies and fruits with our meals, and keep our grocery budgets low.

Here are some of the points I hope to cover during this challenge:

  • Clean out fridge and freezer-throw out any outdated items, make room for more meals
  • Arrange Deep freezer for easier access so that I am not “scared” to dig around in it
  • Streamline my kitchen for easy use so that my time in the kitchen isn’t more than what it has to be
  • Experiment with more freezer cooking and making meals ahead
  • Visiting farmer’s markets to see what prices are compared to stores, and use them in meal plans
  • Use our own garden veggies for some meals
  • Take advantage of summer sales, and see how I can stock up for wintertime

Please join me and Good Cheap Eats, as we encourage each other along the way!

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  1. Great goals. I’m trying a few of those things too.

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