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Rite-Aid and Walgreens: Allergy Coupon Booklets (Filled with Coupons!)

Posted By Jacinda On April 5, 2012 @ 11:02 pm In Couponing,Rite-Aid,Walgreens | No Comments


Next time your in Rite-Aid or Walgreens, be on the look out for these coupon booklets!

These are seasonal Allergy booklets that come packed full of coupons! At Walgreens, I found them in the pharmacy area, and at Rite-Aid they were with the cashiers up front.

Here’s a list below of what coupons were in each booklet:


(all these say “Offer good only at Walgreens”. But some say “manufacturer coupon” and some say “instant value” coupon, so be aware of that when trying to use them.)

$1 off Claritin Liquigels and RediTabs (10 ct.)

$1 off Any Children’s Allegra Allergy product

$1 off Any Similasan Allergy Eye Relief product

$2 off Any Alavert Allergy & Sinus Relief product (excluding 6 ct.)

$1 off Alaway Antihistamine Eye Drops (0.34 oz.)

$4 Zyrtec Liquid Gels (25 ct. or larger)

$1 off Any Breathe Right Product (10 ct.)

$2 off Any Walgreens Brand Wal-Zyr (14 ct.), or Wal-itin (20 ct.)

$1 off Any Walgreens Brand Wal-Dryl Allergy, (48 ct. only)

$1 off Any Walgreens Brand Sinus Relief Mist (12 hr. Ultrafine)

Rite-Aid: (these all begin with “RC49″, so they are all Rite-Aid store coupons)

$1 off Any Breathe Right Nasal Strips

$1 off Any Oscillococcinum

$1 off Coldcalm

$1 off Any Chestal Cough and Cold Product

$1 off Allergy Buster

$1 off Nostrilla 12 Hour Spray

$1 off Zicam Allergy, Sinus or Extreme Congestion

$1 off Any Ocean Nasal Spray

$1 off Tavist

$0.25ยข off Any Halls Cough Drops

$2 off Any Allegra (10-30 ct.) or Allegra D (10-20 ct.)

$5 off Any Allegra (45-70 ct.) or Allegra D (30 ct.)

$1 off Any Children’s Claritin

$3 off Alavert (48 ct.) or Alavert D (12 ct.)

$1 off Any Mucinex Item

$1 off Alka Seltzer Plus Allergy (24 or 48 ct.)

$2 off Any Zyrtec (12 ct. or Larger)

$1 off Any Kleenex Family Size or Bundle Pack

$1 off Similasan Allergy Eyes

$1 off Any Rohto Drops

$2 off Revitalens Solution

$1 off BioTrue (10 oz.)

$2 off Any Eucerin Calming Cream

$1 off Clear Eyes Itchy Eye relief (1 oz.)

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