How To Repair Handbag’s Zip Fast?

The zipper on your handbag must be the most important thing. It must be horrible when it does not work. When your bag is opened as well as the zipper, you cannot carry your bag safely. It will expose what is inside your bag. It is also a disaster when the zipper is stuck when you need to take something in your bag out. Keep your calm and don’t open your phone first to find “handbag repair near me”. You can fix your handbag’s zipper in one minute. Is it possible?

Fix Your Handbag’s Zip In 1 Minute

Don’t worry if your handbag’s zipper cannot be moved. There are a lot of ways to fix it without finding the handbag repair near me. However, make sure that there is no something stuck in the zipper. Sometimes there will be something stuck in the zipper that covers its way to move. If there is anything on the zipper, so you can try to fix it in these ways:

  • Use Your Pencil

For the easiest one, you can try to use a pencil to fix your handbag’s zip. You can try to rub the pencil on the teeth of the zipper. After several rubbing, you can try to move the zip up and down. It works, doesn’t it?


  • Take Your Petroleum Gel

If the pencil does not work at all and your zip still being stuck, so you can try to get petroleum gel. Apply your petroleum gel on teeth of your handbag’s zipper. Just rub it gently and try to move the zip up and down gently. Then, your zip will be fixed without going to handbag repair near me.


  • Get a Bar of Soap

If there is no petroleum gel, so you can try to find soap bar. Like using the pencil, you can try to rub the soap bar on the zip teeth.