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Not Eating Breakfast’s Side Effect

Health tipsAs it is known that breakfast is an important activity which many people have to do every morning. Unfortunately, with various reasons they have people tend not to eat breakfast. According to the research not eating breakfast actually, can give some side effects to the body health. That is why in order to help you know more about this matter, below is the explanation of side effect when someone doesn’t have breakfast in the morning.

Side Effect When You Are Not Eating Breakfast

In this case, there are some side effects that people can get when they ignore to eat meals in the morning such as:

  1. Weight

To begin with, not eating breakfast can affect the weight of someone. Here they may have a high risk of obesity. How comes? As having been known that when you don’t have breakfast you tend to eat many foods at lunchtime and it triggers the obesity.

  1. Hormonal health

If you are women, skipping breakfast is not good actually. According to the research done, a woman who likes to skip their breakfast tend to get menstrual irregularities. It means that your menstrual period can be disturbed so it becomes irregular or cannot be as the normal one.

  1. Memory

Talking more about another side effect, skipping breakfast will cause people especially students cannot get what they learn in the school well. Here they will have a bad memory for all the things taught by the teacher. That is why for the students it’s better if you should have breakfast before going to school.

  1. Mood

Bad mood also becomes the next thing that is caused by skipping breakfast. People who are hungry since they don’t get the meal in the morning can be easy to be angry or in a bad mood.