Let’s Get To Know Mites

Mites are a group of very small eight-legged animals. Mites are very small and red animals; these mites are often present in most places. Mites are different from ticks, mites are from the order of Acarina, and the tick is from an insect or insect order. This mite is very adaptable to various environments, its size is very small and rarely seen by predators. There are mites living on land and water, some living as parasites in large animals such as mammals or insects. Mites are believed to be the cause of various diseases in humans, one of which is scabies because of dust mite bites.

Overcoming Adverse Dust Mites Bites

Once you are aware of the dust mite bites, the first line of defense is a hot shower. The hot water bath will weaken any mites on your body and will minimize the skin reactions from bites. Use mild antiseptic soap and gently rub the body while bathing. After bathing, pat yourself thoroughly with a soft towel. Do not be too excited when rubbing the body, because it can cause rash and pain. Apply a little olive oil or a mild moisturizer to keep skin moist. Do not use very hot water for bathing. Also, be sure to wash your clothes in hot water. Clean your personal items from mites. Make sure that you wash all clothes, bed sheets, and towels with water 55 degrees Celsius. This temperature will kill the mites and the eggs. Dry clothes on drying machine with high temperature. Unfortunately, the dryer cannot be used for all types of clothing. In order to avoid the risk of returning mite attacks, consider removing clothes that cannot be cleaned from mites.

Dust mite’s bites are usually transmitted from dense physical contact, however, this only occurs around places where the hygiene level is low (eg, tents in homeless shelters, refugee camps, etc.).  You may get the information in http://dustmitebites.net. Dogs, cats and the other pets will not transmit mites.