Learn How To Coupon | Day 6: Coupon Abbreviations


Welcome to Day 6 of the monthly series: Learn How To Coupon!


This is a monthly series geared toward getting you comfortable with using coupons, and knowing more about your store’s policies on how to use coupons. If you’re a beginner, I suggest you start at the beginning. It’s a lot of information, so take it slow, and go at your own pace. For all you coupon pros out there, this can be a nice refresher for you.

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Today’s Topic: Coupon Abbreviations


As you can see already, there is a LOT to talk about when it comes to coupons :) But one thing that you will commonly see on sites like mine and many other coupon/deal sites are “coupon abbreviations.”

This is like short hand for many of the terms that are commonly used for anything coupon related.

Below, I have compiled a list of some of the most commonly used coupon abbreviations on my site, and many others.

You will see these terms used to explain how to get deals, explain a coupon, or explain long scenarios. It’s easy to pick up many of the terms, but here’s a common list:


  • $1/1, $2/2- Indicating the actual value off of a product ($1 off of 1) or ($2 off of 2)
  • AC- After Coupon
  • AR- After Rebate
  • Blinkies- In-store coupon dispensers that are machines that spit out coupons. Usually positioned next to item- blink red.
  • BOGO/B1G1- Buy One Get One
  • Catalina or CAT- machine that sits next to register that prints receipts and/or rewards and coupons
  • CNP- Coupon near product ( helps to find where coupon may be in-store)
  • CPN/Q- Coupon
  • CRT- Cash Register/Customer Receipt Tape- reffering to coupons at the bottom or back of a printed receipt
  • DND- Does not double- value of coupon will not double
  • DEAD/Expired- Deal/offer no longer being offered
  • ECB/EB- Extra Care Buck/Extra Buck- CVS’s reward program. Value prinsts on receipt and can be used like money in-store
  • EXP/EX/X- Expires on
  • ES- Easy Saver (Walgreens)
  • FAR- Free after rebate
  • Filler- Need filler item to complete purchase and qualify for certain deals. ( I will usually tell you what to get as a filler)
  • FS- Free Shipping
  • HHG- Homemaker Hand Guide ;)
  • GM- General Mills
  • GC- Gift Card
  • IP/IPQ- Internet Printable coupon
  • IVC- Instant Value Coupon (Walgreens)
  • MIR- Mail in Rebate
  • MQ/MF- Manufacturer’s Coupon
  • NED- No expiration date
  • OOP- Amount you will have to pay
  • OOS- Out of Stock
  • OYNO- On your next order
  • Peelie- Coupon that usually “peels” off. Usually on the product itself
  • P&G- Proctor and Gamble- Product and Coupon Insert Company
  • PM- Parade Magazine found in Newspaper
  • PSA- Prices start at
  • RP- Red Plum- Coupon Insert
  • RR- Register Reward (Walgreens)
  • SCR- Single Check Rebate ( Rite-Aid)
  • SS- Smart Source- Coupon insert
  • Stacking- Means that you can use a store and a manufacturer’s coupon together on one item
  • Tear Pad- Pad of coupons that can be torn off ( usually near product)
  • TMF- Try me free- type of coupon that allows you to try product and get reimbursed
  • Up+ – Rite-Aid  rewards
  • UPC- Universal Product Code- Bar code with numbers on a coupon
  • WYB- When you Buy
  • YMMV- Your Mileage May Vary- Means that depending on your store, coupons, etc., your deals may or may not work so be careful!


There are many other terms that probably aren’t listed, but this will get you well on your way. If you have any other common abbreviations that you know and use, feel free to share them!


See you tomorrow for Day 7!

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