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Welcome to Day 28 of the monthly series: Learn How To Coupon!


Thanks so much for stopping by! If you are new here, we have been doing a monthly series for any Coupon Newbies out there to help you get started and feel confident using coupons! We have covered a wide variety of things this month including what coupons are, types of coupons, issues with coupons, and how to use them in specific stores. If you would like to read any of the previous posts, feel free to click any of the links below and catch up!


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Today’s Topic: Couponing With Kids


Today’s topic is a fun one :) We are talking about Couponing with kids! Just as our kids are a part of our daily life, so are our coupons, so teaching them the importance of coupons and how to use them will not only help you out, but will help them out in the long run.

I know some of you may think that it’s nearly impossible to even go shopping with kids, let alone when you are using coupons, but I promise, with a few simple tricks, you and your kids will rock at Couponing!

So let’s talk about some of the reasons why we should even try to teach our children how to use coupons:

-Teaches Them The Value of Money. Teaching children about money is a vital part of learning about life. It’s important to know, and instilling in them good practices with saving money, using coupons, and anything else will help them far beyond the grocery store. They will begin to apply many of the principles they learned as kids into their own life. So it’s never to late to teach them! You can even give them their own coupons when (or if) they have their own money to help them learn how much further their money can go by using coupons.

-Sharpens Those Math Skills. Do you have a child that is learning math skills, or you would like to show them how to apply the skills they learn in school to everyday life? Well whether you realize it that much, when we use coupons, we are doing all kinds of math in the store. We are comparing prices, looking at unit prices, weighing items, adding totals, and using coupons! There is math all around the grocery store, so having your child learn some of those valuable skills will help them apply it to everyday life, and could in turn help them grasp math in a whole new way.

-Creates Bonding. Many families are so busy now a days! It may be hard for your family to find quality time to spend together, so making the most of the everyday shopping trips goes a long way! I think shopping with your little ones and teaching them about coupons makes them feel closer and more connected. They feel proud that they are able to help out and they are more in tune with what’s going on around them, so they naturally are more interested.

So now that we have seen a few important reasons for getting your kiddos involved in couponing, how do you start? Well depending on their ages, they can help out in a variety of ways. This can be a whole family affair if you choose to do so!

For your tiny children, here are some great ways to get them involved in the store, and get them recognizing what coupons are, and what they do:

-Give Them Their Own Cart. Yes, we have all seen those ridiculously cute mini carts in the grocery store right? They are right next to the “big people” carts. Kids are usually s excited to be involved in something, so if you have one that is walking around, try and give them their own cart to follow mommy or daddy with. Maybe even put a few things in the carts for them to “help” with. They usually have so much fun with these!

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-Let Them Hold The Grocery List. Little kids love to help out, or feel that they are participating in some way. Giving them the task of holding the grocery list is a simple thing that they can help you with. You can even point to items when you find them, and read the words on the list to help with recognizing items and words.

-Have Them Help You Match The Coupons. If you do have smaller ones that are learning matching and memory, have them help you match identical coupons when you are sorting them. This is great for any people who cut their coupons, because it can seem to take forever sometimes! Usually for me, the biggest space is on the floor, so just set your kid on the floor with you, and see how they do helping you match the coupons together!

-Put Items In The Cart. If your little one is sitting front and center in the grocery cart, have them be your wing-man! When you pick up an item, see if they can help you place it in the cart. They will enjoy waiting for the next item, and it helps keep them focused. You can also name each item as it is going in to help the with word recognition.

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Now for your kiddos that are a little older, there are so many other things that they can do too! It’s really a win-win situation, because they are helping you complete necessary tasks, and it is also teaching them an invaluable lesson. Here’s a few more ideas on how to get your older kids involved:

-Have Them Help Clip The Coupons. This is one great way to help you out a lot, and to get your kids recognizing what coupons look like! If you are to scared that they aren’t sure how to “cut along the lines” yet, that’s okay! Just give them some of your older coupon inserts, and have them practice cutting those along side you. Once they get the hang of it, you would be surprised at how efficient they become!

-Give Them Their Own Coupon Binder. Okay, I have to admit, besides the cute mini grocery cart, this is also the cutest thing I have seen. If you clip your coupons, your kids will see that you have the “big” coupon binder. Giving them their own mini version of your binder gets them very excited! You can fill it with a few coupons, and see if they can help you match the coupons to items in the stores. They feel so proud when they find an item, and are most of the time very excited to give it over to the cashier! This, of course is more than a cute thing. This will also help them with matching, and help them see how your binder is organized.

-Send Them To Get An Item. To kids, it can sometimes be boring following mom and dad around the stores. So why not send them on a mission to find an item or two that you and your family are already getting anyways? It will give them a change of scenery, and give you a moment to gather your coupons and total up anything if you need to.

-See If They Can Spot Any Coupons! I will admit it, I am not the best at spotting those tearpad coupons, or peelie coupons in the stores. So while you are shopping, see if you kids can spot any coupons anywhere. You can even make it into a game for them. If you don’t want them tearing down the entire pad, then you can tell them to “alert” you when they have found a coupon! And they really enjoy watching the “blinkie” coupon machines that spit out those magic coupons! Have them pull out one or two.

-Teach Them To Save. We all know how to put change and money into kids piggy banks to help them learn about money itself. Well you can take that lesson a little further by giving them coupons, and teaching them to use it on an item that they really want. Say they want a toy, but it is not in the budget. Go ahead, and begin looking for coupons, along with them learning to save their own money. You can show them how using the coupon helped you all to afford the item, and put more money in your pocket. Once they grasp this, they will begin looking for coupons everywhere! They are usually excited to see if any coupons are available.

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Okay, so what if you have teens or young adults in the house? To a lot of teens, it may seem borrrrinnnggg to have to help with the coupons. A great solution is to change their outlook on what coupons can do for them! They might not see that when you save at the grocery store, it’s actually helping you be able to afford other items for them and the family. So get them involved in the logistics of the saving.

-Compare Costs. When you are in the store, show them the differences in all the prices for the same types of items. Show them that sometimes just by using a coupon, you can save up to 75% on the regular price! This is also very effective if you show this to them on an item that they really like. So if you have a weekly budget of $80 for groceries, let’s say your total is at $78. But your teen wants some cookies. Well go and show them the differences in prices, and say “this one is $5.99, and there is no coupon available.” You can then show them that the store is having a sale on  another brand name, and you happen to have a coupon. That cookie might retail for $5.99 as well, but it’s on sale 2/$6, and you have a $1 coupon, making it only $2! Right in your budget. It will help them see that they can have things they want as well, just by using coupons and watching sales.

-Show Them Your Savings. If you don’t already do so, keep track of what you save with coupons! It may seem meaningless during one shopping trip, but at the end of the year a few thousand dollars seems like a lot! Explain to them that the money you saved helped send them to college, or buy them needed items. They will also see that you were dedicated enough to stay within your budget, and still accomplished a lot.

-Giving Them Their Own Money. If you are a parent that chooses to give their child money (via allowance, by working, or just because), this is also a great time to add in those coupon lessons. When teens start making their own money, they will really begin seeing the value of what they have. So by showing them that they can stretch what they have by using coupons, they will be more open to learning the concept.

-The Real World. If your young adult is going to college, or just moving out, teaching them about the importance of coupons will help them in their start. Take them on a grocery shopping trip for their new place, and show them that they can stay in budget while searching sales and using coupons. They are more likely to see how they can afford more when they apply the lessons you have taught them.


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There are so many more things that you can get creative with your kids to help with the coupons! Don’t be afraid to let them help you, it will be a start to something wonderful once they catch on to the idea of what this whole couponing thing is! Everyone wants their kids to succeed, so showing them the value of money and how they can stretch a dollar will show them to apply that same concept everywhere else in their lives. I hope this has sparked some ideas for you and your kids to start couponing together :)


See Ya For Day 29!

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