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Learn How To Coupon | Day 18: Walgreens

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Welcome to Day 18 of the monthly series: Learn How To Coupon!


If you’re new here, or just joining us on this series, then welcome! This is a series for Coupon Newbies who want to learn the ropes of couponing, and get all of those questions you have answered! This week, we have started talking about how to shop at specific stores with coupons, and how some of their rewards systems work. If you have missed any of the previous posts, just click the links below to catch up with us:


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Today’s Topic: Walgreens


Walgreens is the next drugstore that we will be talking about this week! They are another great place to shop with coupons, and also use their rewards system for shopping there!


What is Walgreens?

Walgreens (like CVS),  is a nationwide drugstore. They carry food/grocery products, health/beauty items, medications/prescriptions and so much more!

-You can visit their website HERE [19]

-Corporate Phone Number: 1(847)914-2500, or if you have general questions, you can call 1(800) Walgreens

-Snail Mail:

Walgreens Co.

200 Wilmot Road

Deerfield, Illinois, 60015


Rewards System

Walgreens has a rewards program for shopping in their stores. It’s called Register Rewards, or otherwise known as RRs. You receive these RRs when you make a qualifying purchase (found in sale ads, or in-store).


One of the best parts about shopping at Walgreens, is that you DO NOT need to have a shopper loyalty card to participate in their RR program! This makes it easy for everyone to earn RRs and not have to deal with using a card.

Because these RRs are not being tracked by a shopper card, the rewards do not print on the bottoms of your receipts like at CVS [18]. They actually print out of the Catalina Machines [10] next to the registers at check out.

One major difference in shopping at Walgreens, and shopping at CVS or Rite-Aid, is that the RRs that print out are NOT considered store coupons or gift cards. These RRs are actually a Manufacturer coupon that is given to you compliments of the manufacturer that you purchased the item from!

If you will notice in the picture above, you will see in the wording, that it says “Manufacturer Coupon”, and it also says, “Compliments of Colgate”. Even though this may say “Manufacturer Coupon” on it, it also has the wording “Redeemable Only at Walgreens”. So Walgreens will still be the only place that you can use these at unless your store accepts these types of competitor coupons.

Because these are considered “Manufacturer Coupons”, and not a store coupon or store gift card, it gets a little tricky when trying to use along with coupons, and other store sales. We will talk more about that in a minute!

How do I get Register Rewards?

There are a few ways that you can see what sales are also offering a Register Reward at Walgreens that particular week.

The first place to look would be your sales ad. This is going to let you know all of the new sales, and any products that are offering RRs that week.

You can also go into the store to see what products are on sale with a RR. They will usually have small hanging tags that will show you the sales price, and the amount of RRs you will get back when you purchase the correct amount.

When you purchase these items, your RRs will print on the catalina machine next to the registers. Because this isn’t on your receipt, don’t forget to grab your RRs, or someone else will have a great coupon for their next purchase :)

Types of Register Reward Offers

Like CVS, there are two basic types of RR deals that Walgreens runs during any given week:

Specific Product RR:

-Example: Buy Dove Body Wash $4, receive $4 in RRs ( makes this essentially free!)
-Here’s another example of what an RR deal like this may look like:


-OR, RRs can be offered when you buy a group of products

-Example: Buy $15 worth of Nivea, Get $5 in Register Rewards

-Here’s an example of what that might look like in the ad:


-This total that you need to reach is pre-coupon! That means if you get enough products to reach $20, you will already be getting the RR. So when you give coupons for these products, it lowers your OOP costs, and still gives you the full amount of the RR!


Do They Accept Coupons?

Yes! You can view and print their Corporate Coupon Policy HERE [23]. Here are some of the important highlights in it:


-Competitor coupons are not accepted at Walgreens

-The number of manufacturer coupons, including Register Rewards manufacturer coupons, may not exceed the number of items in the transaction. The total value of the coupons may not exceed the value of the transaction. Sales tax must be paid, if required by state law

-In the event that any item’s selling price is less than the value of the coupon, Walgreens will only accept the coupon in exchange for the selling price of the item. Coupon redemption can never exceed the selling price of an item and no cash back is ever provided in exchange for any coupons

-When purchasing a single item, Walgreens accepts one manufacturer coupon and applicable Walgreens coupon(s) for the purchase of a single item, unless prohibited by either coupon offer.

-The coupon amount must be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied. (For example, a $5.00 coupon for a $4.99 item will result in a $4.99 coupon value)

-When purchasing multiple items, Walgreens accepts multiple identical coupons for multiple qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers, unless a limit is specified. Management reserves the right to limit the quantity of items purchased

-When items are featured in a Buy One, Get One Free promotion, up to two coupons can be used against the items being purchased, as long as the net price does not go below zero for the items being purchased

-Walgreens accepts valid internet/print at home coupons with a clear and scannable barcode

-There is a limit of one Register Rewards (RR) printed per offer per customer per transaction

-Customers redeeming a Register Rewards against the same offer may not receive another RR

-The RR coupon value cannot exceed the total purchase amount. No cash back and no cash value for RR coupon


Walgreens Store Coupons

Walgreens offers many store coupons. These can be found in lots of places, so let’s take a look at where you can find them:

-Walgreens Sales Ad is going to be one of your larger resources for finding Walgreens store coupons. You can also find Manufacturer coupons sometimes!


-Monthly Coupon Booklet. Each month, Walgreens puts out a new coupon booklet filled with store coupons. These booklets are only good for the month, and they are usually located up front with the weekly sales ad.

-The neat thing about these coupons is that you only need to have ONE of them to scan, no matter how many of the same products you are getting. If you find a coupon on $1 off Diapers, and buy 3 packages of diapers, then it will take off $3 with that one coupon (unless there’s a limit). You also aren’t usually required to “clip” this coupon out, the cashier just needs to scan it.






-At the Register. When you get a RR, it will print from the Catalina Machine [10] next to the registers. But this machine will also print other Manufacturer and store coupons from time to time. They might also print coupons good for local stores.


-Booklets around the store. From time to time, you will find that around the pharmacy area, or at the registers, stores like Walgreens will have promotional store coupon booklets. This season, they have an Allergy booklet filled with coupons good for the allergy sufferer.


Can I Use Coupons With A Register Reward Offer?

Yes! The Register Reward Offers are just the reward for shopping at the store. You can still use manufacturer and store coupons on top of that product to lower your out of pocket (OOP) cost, and still get back the original RR!

-When purchasing a single item, Walgreens accepts one manufacturer coupon and applicable Walgreens coupon(s) for the purchase of a single item, unless prohibited by either coupon offer.

-Here’s an example in the ad when Walgreens was promoting the use of a coupon to score an item that was also offering a RR!


Let’s see how this scenario would work out in the store, or how I would list this on my site:

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor, on sale for $8.99

-Get $4 in RR

-Buy (1) Gillette Venus & Olay Razor = $8.99

-Use $2/1 Gillette coupon (usually would list where the coupon is found as well)

-Pay $6.99 Out of Pocket (OOP), and get a $4 RR

Final Cost = $2.99

Can I “Stack” Coupons at Walgreens?

Yes! Along with allowing you to use Manufacturer coupons, Walgreens also allows you to use store coupons as well.

-When purchasing a single item, Walgreens accepts one manufacturer coupon and applicable Walgreens coupon(s) for the purchase of a single item, unless prohibited by either coupon offer.

-Here’s an example of an ad where Walgreens promoted the use of a Manufacturer coupon + a store coupon!


photo credit [30]

Here’s what this scenario might look like in the store:

Cottonelle, on sale for $5

-Buy (1) Cottonelle = $5

-Use $0.50/1 Cottonelle manufacturer coupon (from newspaper)

-ALSO use $1/1 Cottonelle Walgreens store coupon (found in Walgreens coupon booklet)

Final Cost = $3.50!

Amount and Use of Coupons at Walgreens

Now for this next section here, go along with me because this is where it gets tricky!

You may have noticed that particular rule earlier in the coupon policy:

-The number of manufacturer coupons, including Register Rewards manufacturer coupons, may not exceed the number of items in the transaction. The total value of the coupons may not exceed the value of the transaction. Sales tax must be paid, if required by state law.

To the new couponer, this may be really confusing! It was for me for a while! Basically, Walgreens is saying that the number of products that you are buying must equal the amount of manufacturer coupons that you are using.

-Example: If you buy (4) Bags of Dog Food, you can only use (4) Manufacturer coupons

This would seem like obvious knowledge to most people because of the general manufacturer coupon rule we discussed before: One Manufacturer coupon per item. This is kind of known everywhere, and is even written on most coupons. So why do they have to put this in the policy?

The reason is because the Register Rewards are ALSO considered manufacturer coupons! They are compliments of the company of the products that you bought versus a store coupon or store gift card.

And when these RRs print, they aren’t on a specific  product, but “good on your next purchase”. So you would like to be able to use those on a future purchase to help lower your OOP cost!

This usually works fine for people who aren’t using other Manufacturer coupons, but for people who are using a Manufacturer coupon (say from the newspaper), and then wants to pay the balance using a previous, RR, you will run into a problem.

The register will think that you are trying to use 2 Manufacturer coupons on 1 product! So how do you remedy this? You get what we call a “FILLER” item. These fillers are any item that you need or want to balance the count of the products and the Manufacturer coupons.

Let me explain this in an example:

Pretend you are buying Dog Food for $4. You have found a $2 Manufacturer coupon in the newspaper for this Dog Food, AND you have a $1 RR from another purchase. You now have (1) product, and (2) Manufacturer coupons. So you get a “filler” item. Say a piece of candy that is $0.50¢. You now have (2) products AND (2) Manufacturer coupons! It should now ring up no problems.

This doesn’t apply to store coupons. Only to Manufacturer coupons. If you have more store coupons that products, that is fine!

One easy way to see if you are “okay to checkout” is just to take a quick look in your cart. Count your products. Now count your Manufacturer coupons (including any RRs you will use to pay). Make sure the amount you have of each is equal or less, and you are good to go!

Rolling Register Reward Deals

When we talked about CVS, we talked about the fact that you can take an ECB you just earned, and turn around and use that ECB on another identical product to help pay for it (and get an additional ECB). As long as you are within the limit amount of the offers.

Well Walgreens does not have a store loyalty card. They have no way of tracking how many “offers” of the same product you have redeemed. But in order to prevent clearing of shelves, among other things, they limit the amount of RRs you get to any offer to “one”.

Here’s what the policy says:

-There is a limit of one Register Rewards (RR) printed per offer per customer per transaction

-Customers redeeming a Register Rewards against the same offer may not receive another RR

So when you buy an item offering a RR, you can’t turn around, buy the same product, use that RR you just received and expect to receive another RR.

All this means is that you just can’t “roll” the same offers on each other back to back. So to prevent this, you can use a RR you received on ANOTHER product that offers RRs, and that second RR will print just fine! I know, confusing :)

Be sure to look at the RR too before you use it on something else to help pay. Read who the RR is “compliments of”. If it says a company like Proctor and Gamble, then that actually means that if you use that RR on ANY other Proctor and Gamble product also offering a RR, your second RR will not print. So it’s best to just use it on a completely different product.


Watch this video, where I show multiple transactions, filler items, and using the RRs from one transaction onto the next:

Order Of Coupons

Knowing the order, or what way to hand your coupons over is important to know. It is also a little different than at CVS. CVS allows you to give over any “Dollar off” coupons (like $5 off $15) first, and before any coupons!

But at Walgreens, you have to hand these types of coupons over AFTER any coupons have been applied. So if you have a $5 off $15, you give all your coupons first, and your total still has to be above $15 to use that “dollar off” coupon!

Here’s the order:

-Manufacturer coupons

-Store coupons

-Any “Dollar Off” coupons

Once you get the hand of shopping at Walgreens, they really are a fun place to shop at. Just remembering these few rules will help you:

-RRs are also considered Manufacturer coupons.

-The total amount of Manufacturer coupons you have must be equal or less to the amount of products you have.

-You can’t roll a RR deal back to back, but you can use that RR for another product offering RRs

-You can also use store coupons along with Manufacturer coupons!

I hope this has helped you a little in understanding Walgreens!

See ya for Day 19!

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