Learn How To Coupon | Day 16: Coupon Policies



Welcome to Day 16 of the monthly series: Learn How To Coupon!


If your new here or just joining us for this series, welcome! This is a monthly series for April that is for beginner couponers and veteran couponers who want a refresher. We started at the beginning, and have been working our way throughout the month learning all about coupons! This week will be geared towards more store-specific posts. I will try and show you the ins and outs of what you need to know to shop at some of the best stores to use coupons with!

The stores we will be covering are: CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Target and Walmart.

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Today’s Topic: Coupon Policies


Today is going to be somewhat of an easy article on coupon policies. Because we are getting ready to start exploring specific stores, I wanted to share about reading coupon policies, what to look for in the policy, and where to find them.

As I mentioned before, we will be covering CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Target and Walmart.

Part of the reason I want to generally talk just about coupon policies today is because you may also wonder about your local grocery store’s policy. And because I won’t be covering each store out there, at least you can get a general feel for what to look for when reading one.


What is a Coupon Policy?

A coupon policy is a couponer’s key to the store that they are shopping at. It is a policy that corporate puts out that explains how that specific store or chain accepts coupons, handles coupons, and any type of coupon related issue.

This is going to be your guide to understanding what you can and can not do in a store. One thing many people may confuse with coupons is that all stores are the same. While there are some general rules that are a given with handling coupons, each store can still handle or accept them in there own way. So reading them thoroughly will be your first boost of confidence in cracking the coupon code at that store.

What I love about the policies is that it’s like your little friend that you have in case something goes wrong at the store, and a cashier may not even be aware that the store allows certain coupons. You can show it to them and give them verification that they do allow it. It helps you in professionally enforcing what you have already researched and know about the store.


Why do stores need a Coupon Policy?

Using coupons seems like a simple art, but there are many questions that can arise when combining coupons with sales, getting free items, using internet coupons, etc.. So for the store’s sake and the customer’s sake, it gives everyone simple rules to follow so that everyone is on the same page, and so that hopefully any and all questions will be answered. It is probably also a policy in itself that there be a coupon policy!

It helps to set limits for the store, like the amount of coupons you can use, or if the double coupons or not.

It’s just an all around good thing to have, so that we can see it all in one place.


Where can I find my store’s policy?

Many stores have their coupon policies on their website, or on their corporate website. You may have to email or call, and have them send you a copy. You can also sometimes ask for a copy in-store, and they can usually help you out.

Here are the links for the stores we will be talking about this week. Be sure to print these out, and if possible put them in your coupon binder or file-folder with your coupons, so that you have them with you when you go to these stores:








Things to look for in a Coupon Policy

In many areas people will have multiple choices of stores to shop at. Because of this, competitors will offer extra incentives like accepting competitor coupons. They may also offer a better coupon acceptance policy than your store down the street.

An example for me would be my Food Lion, and my Harris Teeter. While Food Lion accepts coupons, and has general lower prices than Harris Teeter, my Harris Teeter will double my coupons everyday! So will my local Lowe’s Foods.

So right away, I will get more for my money and coupons by shopping at stores that double coupons!


Here are some other important facts to look at when reading a policy:


-Accept Manufacturer Coupons

-Accept Internet/Printable Coupons

-Have Store Coupons Available

-Allow Stacking of Coupons

-Allow Doubling or Tripling of Coupons

-Accept Competitor’s Coupons

-Price Match

-Accept Coupons on Free Items (like in a BOGO sale)

-Accept and/or Offer Electronic Coupons

-Offer Rainchecks

-Require Shopper Loyalty Card

-Rewards System Avaible (like ExtraCareBucks, Register Rewards, or +UP Rewards and Single Check Rebates)

These are the main things to look out for when choosing a store that’s best to shop at. But you also need to just generally know the rules for any store you will be shopping at so you follow the policy correctly, and so that if you run into a problem, you can address it right away.

Confidence in the store

While it is good to read and familiarize yourself with these policies, it is best to have them on hand when you actually shop in the stores. In many cases, you are stacking coupons, using competitor coupons, using printable coupons and so much more.

For some cashiers, they may not be as familiar with the entire policy. If you ever run into a problem or a question, having the policy on hand can help resolve issues that may arise. Very politely looking at the policy with cashiers can many times educate them and yourself on what the solution to the problem will be.

For myself, I find that because I have the policy, and I strive to follow the rules outlined in the policy, I have more confidence. It just helps you be prepared in case you get questioned about what you are trying to do.



So try and glance over the policies of the stores we will be looking at and try finding your local store’s policies if you can. You may find some really awesome ways to help you save money!


See Ya for Day 17!


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