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Learn How To Coupon | Day 15: Coupon Sites and Deal Matchups

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Welcome to Day 15 of the monthly series: Learn How To Coupon!


Yay! We have made it half-way! We are moving right along this series! If you are just now joining us, this is a Coupon Newbies series for all the beginners out there. This is also a nice recap of what you may already know as an experienced couponer! We have been learning something new each day, and today is Day 15. We are half-way through the series!

So far, we have learned all about different “kinds” of coupons, how they work and a little about how to use them in general situations in stores. We have also looked at sale cycles, and how stockpiling works.

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Today’s Topic: Coupon Sites and Deal Matchups


Today I wanted to talk a little more about coupon sites (like HHG :) ) and how to read deal matchups and posts.

One thing that was very confusing to me when I began couponing, was the wording and verbage used on many coupon sites out there. It just seemed way to advanced for me, and I could never follow along. I always wanted someone to explain it to me exactly how to work the deals.

Coupon sites, and deal matchups will be a great asset to any couponer. Having someone post the best deals and matchups for you will save any busy person a lot of time. If you are using the “Clip-Less” method, then reading the sites will help you in locating where the coupons are.


What are Coupon Sites or Deal Matchups?

Coupon sites are usually made up of weekly matchups that the writer does for specific stores. The stores can vary from blog to blog. Some do only drugstores, some do only grocery stores, and some do all of them.

They also post great deals or finds for online shopping or ways to save money in other areas of your life.


Where to Begin

When you first get to a Coupon site, if you are not sure of where to go, look at the top. You should see some sort of guide or place for “New” people. I have a Coupon Newbies [16] button on my site that gives a general outline for Coupon Newbies. I also have a FAQ [17]section to answer common questions that I get as a couponer.

Once you feel comfortable with the site, sign up for the other perks as well. You will find that coupon bloggers post multiple times throughout the day. If you would like to be up-to-date with the latest deals, stay connected through social media or other forms of quickly accessing the posts. Here on HHG, I have:

FaceBook [18]

Twitter [19]

RSS Feed [20] (follow posts by Feed)

Email Subscription [21] (get emails)

YouTube [22]


One thing you will notice with many different coupon sites, is how they post their deal matchups. While some sites post extensive lists of most of the store deals, others will pick and choose the best deals of the week, and just post those. Each of these sites will have a different “format” when it comes to their matchups.

Many will give you scenarios of the deals so that you know exactly how to complete the deal.


Example of Deal Matchup

Let’s pretend that we are shopping at CVS this week. This deal is no longer active, so please don’t try to go to the store and get this deal :)




I will usually post some sort of picture when I can so that you all can see what the deal is that I am listing. If I had NO COUPON for this item, then here’s what the matchup may look like on my (or any other) site:

RepHresh Brilliant pH tampons (18 ct.), on sale for $6.79

-Get $6.79 in ECBs (Limit 1 Offer)

-Buy (1) RepHresh Brilliant pH tampons (18 ct.) = $6.79

-Pay $6.79 OOP, and get $6.79 in ECBs on your receipt

Final Cost = FREE!!

So to break it down, the first line is bolded to tell you what’s on sale. It lists the product, size, and what the sale price is.

The second line is also bolded (if applicable) to let you know how many rewards (or in this case ExtraCareBucks: ECBs) you will receive when you buy this product. It will also explain how many times you can do this same offer in the store.

Then  try and give you a mini scenario on exactly what to do if you were only buying that product.

I will then list what you have to pay OOP (Out Of Pocket) and what rewards you will get in return.

I take into account the rewards and tally up the final costs. Many bloggers count the items as “Free” even though you are paying for it out of pocket because you get the money right back. Once you begin feeling more comfortable in couponing, you will find that you actually can use other rewards to pay for things like this! Doing that means that your OOP cost will always be pennies or very cheap.

Here’s another example with a coupon, that would make this a money-maker! :

RepHresh Brilliant pH tampons (18 ct.), on sale for $6.79

-Get $6.79 in ECBs (Limit 1 Offer)

-Buy (1) RepHresh Brilliant pH tampons (18 ct.) = $6.79

-Use $1/1 RepHresh coupon from the 6/5/11 SS

-Pay $5.79 OOP, and get $6.79 in ECBs on your receipt

Final Cost = FREE + $1 Money-Maker!!

This is the same deal, except I threw in a coupon. Whenever bloggers are referring to coupons, or where to find them, they will use shorthand or Coupon Abbreviations [7].

After I show you what to buy, then I will list the coupon, and the date of the Sunday that the coupon insert was in the newspaper. This is helpful to anyone who is not clipping their coupons. They can just go back to their 6/5/11 tab in their file-folder, pull out their 6/5/11 Smart Source (SS), and look to find the coupon listed.

If you are using a Coupon Binder [13], then you will just look in the appropriate section of your binder to find this coupon.

Finally, I will list the OOP costs again and any rewards. In this example, even though you are still getting back the full amount of the purchase price, you can still use coupons. So you end up paying less at the register, and still get reimbursed for the full price! Couponing is lots of fun :)

In the end, this will mean that your product is FREE, and you made an extra $1 on the transaction because of that coupon.


Other Things To Look For

-Many sites will use colors to highlight the best coupon deals. This is an easy way to catch the deals that are considered a good price in case you aren’t sure if it’s a good price or not.

-Multiple coupon options. Many sites will list the entire list of coupons available for one product. In that case, if a scenario or deal idea is not listed, then you will have to try and choose the best coupon to use if there are multiple options.

-Deal Ideas. This is one of the best things to have. This is where coupon bloggers will take either a single item or multiple deals from the week and combine them into one or more transactions for you. This helps you so that all you have to do is go into the store, buy the items, follow the transactions as listed and use the appropriate coupons. Much of the foot work is done for you.

-Comments. Always read the comments section too, because you may find that you have a question that someone else has already asked. I find these really helpful because this way you don’t have to wait on an answer, and you can build a community of people helping each other.

Other Great Sites

While my site is still a work in progress, I wanted to give you all some other great resources for couponing if you haven’t already done so.

Each of these sites has great matchups and different ways of presenting the deals.

Here are some of my favorites:

Hip2Save [24]

DealSeekingMom [25]

MoneySavingMom [26]

CouponMom [27]


Exploring and taking some time to read my site and other sites will be your best bet at learning the ropes to deal matchups.

Just have fun with it! I hope this has helped you with any confusion about deal matchups and how coupon sites work!


See ya later for Day 16!

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