Keep Health of Hair, Women’s Crown

Our hair should always be taken care of, especially the women. The hair on women is a crown that adorns her head. How wonderful if we as a woman have strong healthy hair, not branched, and shiny. We will be confident to go everywhere, and will certainly help support our daily activities. Sparkling hair is not only black, blonde hair can look healthy. But often we found an Indonesian woman who tries to dye her hair into a yellow or blonde color. Nothing wrong if we are coloring our hair, but we must pay attention the quality of polish dye hair and do not too often coloring your hair. Many women who do hair care, and use a straightener or a curly tool. Hair care or use of hair dyes, both contain chemicals that certainly have a negative impact on our scalp and hair.

Impact of Chemical Substances in Hair Care Products

Chemical substances contained in hair dye should not often stick to our hair and also our scalp. Chemical substances from hair dyes and treatments if used in large quantities will make our scalp and hair dry in the long term. The oil glands produced by the scalp will decrease due to the effects of these chemicals. Shampoo that we always using also has chemicals. Choose a shampoo that contains natural substances either extracts from nutritious plants or nutritious fruit.

Avoid shampoo that contains many concentrates on chemicals. If you already use a shampoo that contains quite a lot of chemicals, then we must reduce the proportion of the use of shampoo. If we usually using shampoo 6-7 times a week, reduce the using shampoo to 2 or 3 times a week for the high chemical shampoo. From the above reviews, we need to know that hair product almost all contain chemicals, the difference is in the quantity of the chemical composition.