How We Cut Our Cable/Internet/Phone Bill From $160 to $44

How We Cut Our Cable/Internet/Phone Bill From $160 to $44



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This year the hubbs and I wanted to (needed to) cut down on some of our spending habits. It just seemed as though all of our money was going to bills, and “things” rather than going toward what we wanted to be using the money for.


One way we drastically cut on our utility bills, was by cutting our phone and cable bill. We had the infamous “bundle” package where you get everything you want for $160. It seemed like a great deal, and probably is, for someone who could afford that. BUT, we weren’t one of those people.


We managed to pay it every month, but it just seemed to drain our spending money and money for other things. Not to mention if you are behind on the bill once, then you end up owing $320 for 2 months!


Added up, $160/month is $1920 a year!


It would not have been so bad had we not been stuck in a 2 year contract. That was painful, because you never know what can happen in 2 years, and you are still stuck paying the bill.


As you can tell, I was a little bitter about the whole situation, but it was almost suffocating to be stuck in such a large commitment! In that 2 year time, we grew a little and learned a lot about telling our money where to go, instead of it telling us where to go!


The first thing we did was wait out our contract………I know……..not to exciting, but we had a reason for doing this. We didn’t wait for the entire contract time, but waited until a few months shy of the end date to our contract. The reason for doing this was because we would be charged a large fee if we opted out of our contract before the 2 year mark.


The fee, however grew smaller the closer we got to the end date, and so we decided to wait until it was less expensive for us to pay the fee, rather than pay the bill in the contract.


As I mentioned before, we had the “bundle” package. We had Cable, Internet, and Phone. Yes, the good old landline phone! We had to assess what was important to us. We obviously needed the internet (for my work, and my hubby’s work). We were on the fence about phone, and we knew we could probably cut the cable and not miss it.


So we paid the fee, and decided to cut the cable, and phone and keep the internet.


You might be asking, isn’t that kind of drastic? Don’t you watch TV or talk on the phone? Well of course!’

It was actually really hard, but almost freeing once we did it.


So the cost went down from $160 per month to $44 per month for internet.

That’s a savings of $1,392 per year! Or only 528 per year.


So was that it? Were we stuck with no TV or Phone?? Well, not exactly.
We actually found a way to get basic TV channels for free, watch our favorite shows for free online, and rent free movies.
And our Phone? Well, we knew about the pre-paid cell phones, but we also found a service where you only pay $30 A YEAR FOR LANDLINE PHONE SERVICE!!!!
But, that’s a post for next time.
I will be discussing the details of how to watch some TV shows, and movies for free,
and also our $30 Per year phone bill!

I would love to know how you all cut down on your bills, or how you manage to survive the contracts Smile




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  1. We are actually planning on cutting out cable and going to Netflix. It will save us $55 a month! We are purchasing an Xbox to stream the Netlix on our tv. We will recoup the cost in 4 months!

    • That’s awesome Lisa, thanks for sharing :) My hubby has the XBox, and you can really get a lot of neat features with having one! Thanks so much for stopping by :)

    • The only downfall about getting an Xbox360 to view Netflix is that you need an Xbox Live Gold membership to access Netflix. This costs an extra $60 a year on top of your Netflix membership.

      I don’t know if you’ve thought about getting a PS3 or Wii instead, but unless you or your husband really wants an Xbox in particular, you might look into these alternatives. A PS3 will run you $250 (versus a $200 Xbox), but will stream Netflix for free (aside from the cost of your Netflix subscription, of course). The bonus is that the PS3 is also a Blu-ray player and streams in 1080p (Xbox is 720p). Before a year is out, you will have saved money over getting an Xbox360, and you will have a better system to boot.

      A Wii is only $150, and while it only streams in standard definition and is not the most advanced piece of machinery, it is very easy to use and streams Netflix for free as well.

      We have owned all three systems, and I would recommend the PS3 or the Wii over the Xbox any day of the week, especially for a non-gamer. The Xbox360 is really only your best bet if you plan to use it heavily for online gaming. If you just want to stream Netflix and do some casual gaming, you would probably be better off with a PS3 or Wii.

      Just my 2 cents! I think cutting out cable and getting a console to play Netflix on is a GREAT idea no matter which direction you go! :)

      • Thanks Diane for your feedback ;) Yeah, I personally could go with any of those, but my hubby prefers to play his XBOX because he also plays a lot of games on there as well. We don’t use it much for Netflix, but we can watch Free HULU movies on there, etc. We used to have Netflix, but after the price hike that they did, we just decided to end ours. I think if he could have both systems he would, lol. He is definitely a gamer person, so he has his whole system set up. YouTube also has a movie section with a “Free” tab that we can watch many movies for free, so sometimes we do that on his XBox. Thanks so much for all the pricing info too;)

  2. From what I understand with the xbox you have to purchase the xbox live subscripption in order to use netflix. We have the WII and are able to use netflix for no additional charge.

    • That’s awesome that there is no additional charge! Josh likes XBox for gaming purposes, but maybe I can convience him to get the Wii!

  3. The title of this article if very misleading! You did NOT cut your Cable/Internet/Phone bill from $160 to $44. You are paying $44 for ONLY internet now.

    • Thanks Paula for your concern. However, in the end of my post, I stated that we found new ways of getting TV channels for Free, and our phone line (landline) for only $30 Per Year. So that is still included in my costs, because we still have access to all three services. They are not all on the TV, but we can still watch some of our favorite shows, etc. Please stay tuned for part two as mentioned.

  4. I agree. This title of the post was misleading. It made it seem like you somehow got your cable for $44! But you just cut your cable out. One thing that we are doing is that we just bought a ROKU box. It was $60 and it streams the internet to our TV. We can get HULU, Netfix, etc. Now – we are deciding if we should cut our cable down. It would be a different way of living – but we could save some money by doing it.

    • Thanks Bridget. I apologize if anyone felt this title was misleading. I was just expressing how we personally cut that entire bill down from what it was. That includes things that we had to get rid of. But we still are able to watch TV for Free, and have cheap phone, so we are still enjoying TV, Phone and Internet, but in a different way and at a different price. I have heard about the ROKU box, and we were looking into that. Do you like it? Thanks for sharing ;)

  5. FYI don’t ever pay $60 for your XBOX Live gold membership. You can find deals to get them for $40 a year. Keep looking. I never pay full price. Check Amazon and use coupon codes.

    We cut the cable too. We use netflix and just started using Consumer Cellular for our phone service. $50 a month for all 3 of us to have cell phones with texting. They also have cheaper plans. I talked to our cable company and told them I wanted to drop my internet, because I just couldn’t afford it anymore. (I was going to go with another company) But they offered me a $29 a month deal for internet only for 6 months. So for now that is what I have. Oh, and NO contract with anyone…so I can stop any service at any time.

    • Wow! Thanks for the good advice ;) You seem like a great bargainer ;) I am loving the “no contract” part of our bill now. It’s a lot of pressure taken off, and we can also change at any time. Thanks also for the Cell Phone idea!

  6. Actually, if you don’t have a contract, you can re-negotiate your “bundle” every year at renewal time, and they will give you the lowest promotional rate just to keep you as a customer. We have to have cable for my Dad who lives with us, and I need the free long-distance calling and the computer for work. So every year, I just call them and ask what the promotional rate is, and they give it to me. If they ever don’t, then we’ll look into a satellite combo, and I tell them that so that they will find me a good price. I am paying less than they are advertising for the “lock you into a great low price with a 2 year contract” deal.

  7. I just happened to stumble across your website!! OMG, i love it!! I do not think this was misleading at all! I really love how you explained the way of cutting costs. We can relate here!! We just bought a ROKU! I think its around 50-60 bucks..all you need is internet to stream. It comes already with about 30-50 FREE channels you can download which is plenty! but if you like netflix you can do that also w/ Roku. We have completely cut out cable! I have 27 free movie channels on the ROKU that I never pay for. I love it!! Cell phone wise, I use straight talk!! They have two plans (and of course you can pay in advance, which would bring you into the other plans). The basic plans are 30.00 a month for 1000 txt and 1000 talk minutes and 30 MB of internet. The 45.00 plan is unlimited all the way around!! you can purchase the straight talk phones/service cards at walmart and there is no contract!! I paid 30 bucks for the cheapest phone, and 30 bucks a month for the plan. I never go over mins and since i have internet at home, i dont use the service plan internet unless im out and about.! Just a few suggestions :D hope it helps!! I think you are doing a fantastic thing here! Ill surely stay tuned :)

    • Wow, thank you so much for the wonderful comment :) I really love your ideas! I haven’t gotten the ROKU, but I might have to consider doing that as well! Sounds great :) I am still on the land-line bandwagon, lol (no cell phone yet), but I definitely need to check out the Straight Talk. My hubby has talked about it before, and so we may have to look into it :) Thank you for explaining in detail what it includes, it’s nice to know about it. And thank you very much for your encouragement and compliments, you put a huge smile on my face :) Have a great night!


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