How To Stop Cough And Cold For Baby?

A cough and cold is not serious illness actually. However, it becomes serious if it happens to your baby. It is not a big deal for you since you can take a medicine to cure it. On the other hand, it becomes a big problem for baby in 6 months. You cannot give them any medicine without doctor recommendation. A baby who gets cold and cough will cry since your baby is in pain and not comfortable. If your baby has this problem, so you need to take natural treatment at first before going to doctor. Don’t get panic since everything has solution.

Natural Remedies To Stop Cough And Cold For 6 Months Baby

When you caught a cold, it must be something uncomfortable. You cannot breathe and move properly since all of your body feels the ache. It also happens to your baby when s/he gets cold or a cough. In that situation, you have to take natural remedies to help your baby get the better condition. Here are the best natural remedies that can be taken:

  • Breastfeed

For the strongest natural supplement and medicine, you need to breastfeeding your baby when s/he gets cold or a cough. It will help to increase immune to your baby so s/he can fight back the virus, germs, and bacteria. Moreover, you can also put some drops of breastmilk for each nostril. Make sure that it will not block her/his breathing as well.


  • Mustard Oil or Garlic

To help your baby who gets cold or a cough, you can try to boil some cloves of garlic to mustard oil. Then, apply it on some areas like neck, chest, back, and under palms and feet. The mustard oil is effective to make your baby warm. Meanwhile, garlic has a function to destroy bacteria of cold. Make sure that you apply the combination of mustard oil and garlic while it is warm, not hot.