Are good to save Teacup Pomeranian in Cage?

Hi, animal lovers! Would not it be before you keep your dog planning the name, cage or even the theme of accessories for your beloved dog? Of course, making the concept of our favorite animal is the thing that has its own excitement. In this article let’s talk about where to live for your adorable Teacup Pomeranian.

Living in A Cage, Or Not?

Some dogs are usually left free to roam in our homes, but in general will be given a small area for dogs. In addition to providing comfort to the dog, it will also educate dogs to regularly play in our homes. Especially for this teacup Pomeranian dog, they live in the house and not left in the yard. His small body is worried about being exposed to mechanical disturbance either by large objects or other large animals that are on the outside of your home. So, you’d better let the lunatic dog hang around in your house. but it does not matter if you give the dog a cage. The enclosure will serve as his personal place or place to play. Things to consider in the kennels are adequate ventilation and good lighting. Sufficient ventilation will give you fresh air and will affect your dog’s health. Similarly, lighting will affect the activity of Teacup Pomeranian.

The size of the cage should also be considered. For a small Pomeranian size does not require a large size, the main thing is he can move freely in the cage. It’s okay to let him roam around in the house, without a cage. Whether in the cage or not you have to prepare a place to eat, a place to defecate as well as providing a warm place that can make it comfortable. The advantages of using a cage is that you do not need to clean a large area because your pet will move around the cage. You should also educate Teacup Pomeranian to automatically know where to poop, eat, or sleep.