Freezer Cooking

This year, I have vowed to be more consistent with my meal planning, freezer cooking, and organization all together. I have’nt stopped freezer cooking, it’s just my consistency with it that I need to keep up with. It has been a work in progress for some time, and learning the basics on how to prepare meals to and from the freezer was a great help to me. It gave me a chance to get meals on the table, and have most of the work done!

What is Freezer cooking? This is a way for families or people to prepare foods that they would normally eat or have to prepare anyways everyday, except doing it all at once, and storing it in the freezer. This saves time and stress because, when you have a ready-to-go meal, you are’nt coming home and exhausted, and having to put together something from scratch.

What do you freeze? This all depends on your lifestyle and needs. Some people may have the time and money to prepare a months worth of full meals, while others may only have time to freeze some cooked meat. I try and do a little of both and just have a variety of things on hand.

Soooo, what do you Freeze??? I have on hand, lasagnas ready to bake, breads, meats(some cooked, some raw), pasta sauces, dried beans that I have cooked, whole chickens, and desserts.

The Basics: If you have never ever done freezer cooking, you may be thinking “stuff from the freezer??, gross!”  I know, I know, there may be some repressed memories of grandma’s old freezer-burned meatloaf in the freezer from 1979, but that’s what experimenting does.

Just start small and work up your small go-to things that you know work for you (and taste good), and experiment. Start by cooking ground beef, and chicken and pulling it out when you need to add it to a meal, then work from there.

What do I need? Now, you can only go so far when making great food, but if you don’t put just as much effort into storing your food, it will always be a loss, freezer-burn will always win….. I know…… :)

Just have some tight fitting containers on hand, and resealable plastic bags(all sizes), and a Sharpie for marking content. ( you don’t want to de-thaw what you thought to be a pork-roast, but it ended up being a bag of chicken parts for chicken broth—-so label everything!)

And….by the way, you don’t need a huge man-cave mammoth freezer, we found one at a yard sale for $50 bucks. Works great, and it just stores my meals if I decide to make a bunch ahead of time.

I also used just my regular freezer for the longest time, of course, you must know some freezer-oragami though. I used to put a shelf divider in my freezer as well to give me more room.

So please join me and tell me what your doing to freezer cook?

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  1. This was great, Jacinda! I have added you to my google reader and am looking forward to more tips. What size and type freezer bag did you use for the lasagna? I usually wrap mine in aluminum foil but I love the idea of the freezer bag!

    • Jacinda says:

      Thanks so much- I use the freezer plastic zip-lock bags. The Gallon size. They seem to just be able to fit. Thanks so much for coming by :)

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