Delicious Vegetables And Rich Nutrition

Vegetables are more delicious to enjoy when cooked. Although, some vegetables are better eaten raw. Cooking vegetables do benefit, but behind it can also be detrimental, because the heat generated during cooking vegetables can eliminate the nutrients contained in vegetables, especially vitamins and minerals. Some vitamins are known to be not resistant to heat, such as vitamin C and B vitamins. These two vitamins belong to water-soluble vitamins that can also dissolve together with water in the cooking process.

How To Cook Vegetables To Keep The Nutrition?

Here are some tips to keep the nutrients on vegetables when cooked.

  1. Wash vegetables with flowing water, do not soak them

Before cooking vegetables, you need to wash them first. Washing vegetables are useful for removing bacteria, germs, and pesticides attached to vegetables. Wash vegetables in running water and never try to soak them. Soaking vegetables will only make the nutritional content disappear, such as vitamin C. Please note that vitamin C is very susceptible to heat, water, and air.

  1. Cut vegetables in big shape

For vegetables that contain lots of water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C, cut vegetables in large form or you can also cook them in the whole form. This serves to prevent much of the nutrients lost during the cooking process. The smaller the pieces of vegetables, the more nutrients that can be lost during the cooking process.

  1. Keep time, temperature, and water while cooking

At the time of cooking, you should note the time, temperature, and also the minimum amount of water used for cooking. Overtime cooking times, too high temperatures, and too much fluid can make more nutrients lost to vegetables. The less water used for cooking, the more nutrients that can be maintained, especially for vegetables that contain water-soluble vitamins.

Foods that we can provide good benefits, but can also give a bad impact for us, depending on how we process it. Cook in the right way so that food nutrition is maintained and we stay healthy.