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Car Review The Sophisticated And Luxurious

diesel car newsWho would have thought that there was the latest car review that has an excellent specification and also the interior and exterior appearance is exquisite and charming? Cars that use this sophisticated machine became one of the favorite vehicles one class, where the quality of this vehicle is in the upper middle class. So we cannot argue that a lot of cars that use diesel engines but have a much better quality compared to the vehicle by using other drivers. Here are some of the advantages of a car that uses a very sophisticated diesel engine.

Nissan Navara As The Latest Car Review With Many Advantages

Nissan Navara which is the most favorite car in its class and has a high specific turned out to be one of the latest car review. Where Nissan Navara using 4×4 drive system that can be set itself into 4×2 by using select drive mode. This car also consists of a power steering electronic system that can make this car has excellent driving control accuracy. The latest Nissan Navara is equipped with YD25DDTi engine type, regular rail turbo intercooler diesel and 2.5-liter capacity, 4WD with rotary modeling, and anti-slip LSD transplant. The power that can be generated from the engine can reach 174 PS at 4,000 rpm, with maximum torque reaching 41 kgm at 2000 rpm.

For the transmission consists of 2 different choices of manual five-speed and four-speed automatic. The system of the car that uses the latest car review is masked by using a double wishbone coil spring and leaf spring suspension system with the shock absorber that makes Nissan Navara steady used in every field of travel, whether on road or the way. The selling price of Navara is still prohibitive which ranges from 350 million to 400 million rupiah, where this cost is usually only reachable by upper middle class just. That’s some of the advantages of cars that use diesel engines are sophisticated and renewable by technology.