Booking It- Spicing Things Up!

Booking It- Spicing Things Up!

This year along with Fish Mama, I am finding some amazing reads.

My husband and I recently moved to a new place in North Carolina, and it got me excited to see what the libraries looked like……..

I know……. dork right??

Well there is just something about new places and things to do that are intriguing, even if it isn’t that different from any other place.

My new library had tons of nice, quiet reading space and I was able to dive into some good books along with a great marriage book recommended to us:

  1. The Bible in 90 Days- Ted Cooper (excellent way for anyone wanting to efficiently read the bible in a quick amount of time)
  2. The Complete Tightwad Gazette-Amy Dacyczyn (Great resource for all tightwads out there- all three volumes in one book)
  3. The Pioneer Woman Cooks-Ree Drummond (Ok I know it’s a cookbook, but it’s also great stories along with the amazing food)
  4. Teach Yourself Visually:Wordpress- (Saving grace for some of the mishaps when setting up a website)
  5. The Five Love Languages- Gary Chapman (Completely changes the way that you see your significant other/or people)

These are definately the kinds of books that you can just read in a day if you have the time (with the exception of the bible of course), but I have enjoyed reading them so far.

What are you reading this year??

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  1. I love The Pioneer Woman cooks….I’m actually working my through it now, trying not to drool on the pages since it belongs to library!

    • Thanks April :)
      I am loving her cookbook too. My hubby loves that it’s “normal” food and sooo comforting. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you very much for visiting my site :)


  2. I think that’s the very first thing I would do, if I were in a new place — go check out the library! I love reading about food so I’ve been delving into some titles about making jam, preserving food, that kind of thing. Whatever my library has :) I love your reading list — have read Pioneer Woman’s book and the Tightwad Gazette books. And I’ve also read one of the love languages books (I think the one aimed at figuring out your kids’ love languages). Happy reading.

    • Thanks lynn, I would love to read about jamming, and preserving too- it is yummy and can save a lot of money!! Thanks for visiting :)

  3. Looks like a great collection of reads!

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