Best-Selling Albums In 2017


We reach the end of the year and soon we will face a brand new year. If we take a look at 2017, this is a year where we blessed with many masterpieces from any musician. The music chart on Tubidy mp3 download always changes since every week there will be great music. Music makes us feel better. It also relieves pain to some people. Therefore, music is important to us. We need to listen to great music to help us concentrate better. Below are the best-selling albums in 2017 so far that you can listen to them every single day. The list won’t disappoint.

Tubidy Mp3 Download Best Seller Albums

Told you, many British acts contributes a lot to the music industry. One of them is Ed Sheeran. Who doesn’t know him? In 2014 we blessed with Thinking Out Loud which is the most popular song that played during the wedding. Ed is a genius, so does his 2017 album ÷ (Divide). So far, this album is the fastest-selling album from a male single of all time. Divide also topped charts for more than several consecutive weeks on Tubidy mp3 download. And that’s why this album deserves ‘Album of The Year’. Even one of the songs in Divide album also gets an award from Melon Music Award which is a Korean music award. This proves Ed’s music has reached the entire world.

Ed’s best friend, Taylor Swift, also has another great year. Her ‘reputation’ is back with her sixth studio album. Taylor Swift, once again, proves us that she deserves the Queen of the Pop title. Reputation has sold for more than one million copies in the first week. This shows that despite many female singers tries to beat her out, Taylor is still the Queen. You can download both albums for free on Tubidy mp3 download.